June is Aromatherapy Awareness Week

Event: Aromatherapy Awareness Week

Time: June 11th – 16th, 2018

Project: Aromatherapy Mixes

In the month of June, I’m sticking my nose into a 💕new project:💕 a poetry collection based primarily on the sense of smell, which I’m calling “olfactory poetry,” like an aromatic extension of “visual poetry.”

This project will be made in recognition of Aromatherapy Awareness Week, which is a  collective effort to raise awareness for the clinical benefits of aromatherapy. I use aromatherapy daily to benefit my life, so this is a conversation of relevance to me.

I’ll be exploring different aromatherapy and scent-based soothing exercises which help me cope with my sensory sensitivity. Maybe my aromatherapy practices will help you, too; at the very least, it’ll give you yet another window into my adult autistic world, the rituals that give my life normalcy.

Event: Aromatherapy Awareness Week

Time: June 10th – 14th, 2019

Project: Olfactory Poetry

Next year, I’ll also tell a couple of stories that rely entirely on my autistic nose, or what my friends call my “bloodhound nose.” All these aromatherapy recipes, and olfactory-based stories, will be told in poetry.

Currently, planned poems are…

  1. “Another Aromatherapy Recipe for Relaxation”
  2. “Recipe for Recreating Orange County”
  3. “Recipe for the Sunset Wind after the First Rain of 1997”
  4. “Lemon Scented, Cinnamon Demented”
  5. “Pumpkins in the Yankee Candle Store”
  6. “What Predators Will Smell on Mars”
  7. “The Crockpot that Flew Down the Hill”

I’m a huge fan of poetry. I watch slam poetry, read poetry collections, hoard chapbooks like a silver dragon preparing a lair under a cobblestone bridge,…and I’d like Chase and I to someday return to the classes at the bookbinding school in San Francisco, so we can spread handmade poetry spores everywhere.

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Kourtnie has an MFA in Creative Writing from CSU Fresno and a BA in English from CSU Fullerton. When she isn't writing or making art, she's moonlighting as a professor at community colleges. Read her writing at or

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