My Love for Light 💛

When I read about science, astronomy and physics, I’m not just thinking about robots. I also have a fascination with light itself, in as many facets as I can experience it, learn about it, contemplate it.

I think this goes back to my sensory sensitivity; as much as light can overwhelm me, it can cast spells upon me, too. I sometimes wonder if the original singularity—when we were compacted into a tiny dot, before the Big Bang—existed at a time when there was only light and darkness, presence and absence.

I wanted to share this love and fascination of light with you not by defining it though, or philosophically pacing around it, by telling you about it;

Rather, I’d like to illustrate it, showing it to you, in the many ways we can experience light through 21st century technology, so you can make observations for yourself. I want to compile a gallery, then let you make what you will of it.

Through Instagram

prismatic sprays
rainbow sprays and
sprays of water from a whale

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Rainbow spouting Humpback today!

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Through Facebook

Even when light is not there
it is always there
because it’s within us

And I’ve chosen to find light instead of darkness;

Through Pinterest

Then let’s draw with light in photography
and cut glass to capture every color
each slice, curve, and line

Through Organic Online Searches

Since Google is the AI
that will rule us all
soon anyway


Let’s read Wikis on electromagnetic radiation
to SuperpowerWikis on the living representation of light
to blogs about how time travel lies beyond the speed of light

Back to that place we miss
but also
towards that place we want to go

Through VEVO

Music catching the rhythm of light
the meaning behind light, within darkness
the way a ray splices into brilliant color

Through e-Books

Or studying light and darkness
wrapped in warm blankets, head to toe,
the Kindle’s LEDs set to “1”

Such children and adults report being ‘blinded by brightness’ and avoid intense levels of illumination. For example, Darren referred to how in ‘bright days my sight blurred.’

—Attwood, The Complete Guide to Asperger’s Syndrome

Through Animation

fairy tales
childhood portals still reaching out to us

Asking us
if we plan to be home

Before dark

Through Twitter

But what are we
other than more matter
for light to pass through
and bend around
more star-stuff

😋 Even Through My Other Blogs

While I’ve felt awe
when clouds parted to sun
and colored light shined through church windows,

The greatest awe of all
I found by accident
in a cave
where glow worms suspended themselves in silence

🤓 Today’s Autism Video

I amaze my mom and dad with my computer skills.

I always felt like a second-class person.

🤔 3 Takeaways

  • While America doesn’t seem to have one of these private all-girl autistic schools, New Leaf Academy is an all-girls school for behavioral issues,… 😅 (even though there are all-boy autism schools, because autism-specific education has been identified as beneficial for them… 😶) I guess, autistic girls become integrated into co-morbids or co-ed for now?—or attend school in the UK? 😑
  • I just love listening to the conversations some of these girls have with one another. It’s obvious they belong to a community, while simultaneously accepting their differences and uniqueness within that community…and for many of them, acceptance is a new feeling.
  • Felicity touches my heart. But I see myself in Kesia… and @5:15, Carly Jones describes the relief of a diagnosis at 32 years old perfectly.

She was in such a dark place beforehand… She just stopped eating. She was headed towards self-harming, that kind of thing…

Ten minutes… It took ten minutes of somebody who knows what to look for…

After three years of Hell.
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