Aromatherapy Blends for Co-Morbid Disorders Common in Autism

Next week—June 11th to 15th—I’ll be writing about different aromatherapy blends that help me sort through the thornier blooms I inherited from childhood bullying.

As an autistic person, I don’t treat aromatherapy as a “remedy” or “cure” for my quirky, spectrum self; I like being autistic, and the more I peel off the masks I made—y’know, imitating neurotypical life—the more I think of autism as a journey, not a chore. As a blessing, not a curse. Autism is my hero’s journey, and I wouldn’t ever want medicine or people to shoo my true self away.

So I don’t think of aromatherapy—or meditation, writing, drawing, or any of the other therapeutic practices—as cures for autism. I do, however, consider them excellent pathways to alleviating the symptoms of co-morbid disorders that stem from being bullied as an autistic child in a neurotypical world.

Here are the aromatherapy blends I want to explore in the coming week, along with 100-word stories about my experiences with each co-morbid disorder:

  • diffused essential oils for depression;
  • behind-the-ears essential oils for social anxiety;
  • scented soap for sensory sensitivity; 
  • scented candles for shutdowns and meltdowns; &
  • bath bombs for stress disorders, such as C-PTSD & OCD.

To be continued June 11th. I’m excited! 🤗

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Kourtnie has an MFA in Creative Writing from CSU Fresno and a BA in English from CSU Fullerton. When she isn't writing or making art, she's moonlighting as a professor at community colleges. Read her writing at or

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