Turn a Bath Bomb into Movement

Bath bombs are an experience.

While you can run a bath, drop a fizzy sphere into it, and call it a day, I like to turn my bath bombs into rituals by adding different layers of sensory stimulation—similar to the multi-sensory candlelight experiences I explored yesterday.

The exception to this is when I’m trying to record my bath bomb, but that’s yet to go over well. It probably has to do with the lighting… and I’ll get to my choices in lighting.

Developing a Bath Bomb Ritual

To be clear, I’m not suggesting you follow my ritual; rather, I’m providing a model.

It’s a good idea for autistic people—and families with autistic loved ones; or people with OCD; or people who just feel like the world is a chaotic whorl, and they need a little reliability in life—to develop unique rituals, reliable and multi-sensory, tailored to individual preferences; and I hope my model helps you see what this might look like.

With all that in mind, here’s how I rock bath bombs:

I choose a bath bomb for a specific mood. For instance, these lime cilantro bath bombs are my favorite pick-me-up after feeling socially drained and down—a state of mind I commonly find myself in, since I don’t navigate conversation well.

Who doesn’t feel spritzed back to life with lime?

Then I choose music to fit the bath bomb’s mood. I tried listening to sleep-inducing binaural beats with a lime cilantro bath bomb once; it didn’t jive. But a binaural happiness frequency meshes well; so now I lean on that happiness frequency regularly.

Tap into whichever genre of music you enjoy: you’re trying to match the feelings the music brings out in you to the feelings the bath bomb, not necessarily genre-based choices. And everyone has individual feelings associated with different songs, so this part of the ritual is heavily personalized.

I make sure the lighting matches the scents and music. This part gets tricky, because if I want to incorporate candlelight, the scent of the candle either needs to match the environment—and I have no lime and/or cilantro candles—or it needs to be unscented.

Rather than mucking with that, I use a golden LED light that doesn’t show off alternating current (I can see the flicker in lights—what a headache, especially when as a teacher, I’m under enormous flickers a lot!) and softens the colors of the bath bomb.

I stim with the bath bomb. After I have lighting, sound, temperature (I like a lukewarm to hot water), textured soap—the sensory works—all set up, I get in the bath with the bath bomb in my primary hand. Or both my hands.

Then I swirl it around to the beats of the music.

The bath bomb fizzing on my hand(s) is the first pleasant stimulation.

Next the aromatherapy rises from the water. The lime is almost vicious in its presence before it calms down to a cool. The cilantro, the entire time, remains subtle. Chill.

It’s the ability to move these sensations that really gets me. This is why I simply love combining sounds and bath bombs—bringing purpose to my movements through music—feeling the sounds and smells and textures as I swish around my arms, activating more cycling, circular, restorative motions within my body than I can find anywhere else.

And I’m doing it all in the comfort of my home while sitting on my bum.

More Aromatherapy Posts

Did you enjoy this week’s posts on aromatherapy? If these posts made enjoyable reads, consider following my wedding and relationship blog, Wyvia (which is still in it’s baby phase—you could be an early fan!); I’ll be exploring aromatherapy (and other wedding ideas) over there for my next 5-day blogging challenge, June 18th – 22nd.

Also, I’m trying to include smells more in my fiction. One of my other 5-day projects over at Wattpad, Rydia’s Last Cure, will be my first attempt in a while to actively engage with scent-based descriptions; so if you’d like to follow that experiment, be sure to follow my Wattpad journey.

What other aromatherapy topics would you like me to explore in the future?

Don’t be afraid to leave a comment. 😎

And especially don’t be afraid to have an awesome rest of the day. 🤗

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