April is Autism Awareness Month

updated 13 April 18; 9 April 18

If you’re interested in knowing the topics I plan to cover as part of my 30-Day Challenge for Autism Awareness Month, the following is my complete schedule for April.

Week One 💜 Autistic Daughter; Anxious Mother

During the first week of Autism Awareness Month, I’ll extend the conversation I was trying to capture in “Autistic Daughter; Anxious Mother,” a personal essay I wrote to explore the misunderstandings my autism has created between me and my mother.

April 1 – 3, Neurotypical(?) Mother-Autistic Daughter Relationship. I Hid in a Closet,” a chanting narrative about my confrontation with my mother.

April 4Pause for Poems. “Soothe,” a poetry collection.

April 5 – 7, Communication & Neurodiversity. “Writing is My Primary Discourse,” a 3-part analysis of my relationship with writing:

  1. I’m a writing teacher who builds rapport with students through composition journals, and this works perfectly with writing as my primary discourse;
  2. I’m a novella writer who shares my special interests in the technological singularity, artificial superintelligence, and autism with others through engaging stories, and this works even more brilliantly with writing as my primary discourse;
  3. I’m an entrepreneurial blogger who tries to start important (or silly) conversations with writing, and this is a good illustration of how writing is my primary discourse at a deep, social level, even with how I proceed in my everyday, friendly chats.

Week Two 🖤 Dad, Death, & the Existential Crisis

April 8 – 10, Autistic(?) Father-Autistic Daughter Relationship. “Near-Death Experience,” a multi-layered reflection of my father’s hospitalization, based on writing from 2016-18.

April 11, Opinions. Within the autism world, different people opinions about one another, just like any other subculture. Once a month, on the 11th, I’ll look into one of these communities in more detail. In April, I’m zooming in on Autism Speaks.

April 12 – 14, Online Relationships. “I Met Him Online,” a three-part story about the Internet, virtual reality, and World of Warcraft. 

Week Three 💙 Special Interests

April 15 – 17, Special Interests are Autistic Superpowers. “The Singularity, Superintelligent AI, and Roomba.” A 3-part analysis of how my special interest in robots evolved into a futurist belief system.

April 18, Special Interest. World of WarcraftWreck It Ralph, and Ready Player One: A Compare-Contrast.” An analysis of different video game worlds, based on my special interest in virtual reality.

April 19 – 21, Virtual Realities. “Video Games are Safer than Home,” a three-part story about why video games are so engaging to many autistic people.

Week Four 💙 Medicine, Work, & Responsibility

April 22 – 24, Hero Worship. “The Autistic Hero’s Journey,” a three-part narrative on Joseph Campbell’s heroic journey, Tony Attwood’s theories on Aspergerian hero worship, and Sailor Moon.

April 25, Medication. “Zoloft and Trazodone are My Henchmen,” a story about the role of anti-depressants in my journey to discovering I’m on the autism spectrum.

April 26 – 27, Adult Diagnosis. “Diagnosed with Autism at 32,” a two-part reflection on receiving your diagnosis as an adult.

April 28 – 30, Work. “When I Leaned on the Americans with Disabilities Act,” a three-part reflection on teaching in a K-12 inner city school, ADA meetings, and the struggles of maintaining a job in neurotypical society.

April 31, Education. “Community College Built a Bridge to My Future,” a story about the role of community college in my postsecondary education years.

If you want to read more about Asperger’s syndrome to prepare for some of the awesomeness in this schedule, this book is like my biblical guide. I’ll be quoting from it often. It’s also the book that helped me realize I was on the autism spectrum. And if you buy it through my website, I get a tip for your order. 😘

What About May!?

In May, I’ll be writing daily at My Quest for Chicken to celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month. That means Cleo’s Autism Awareness will be reduced to 3 updates a month, which is the plan for all my blogs, 11 out of 12 months of the year.

Cleo’s Autism Awareness regularly updates on the 11th, 20th, and 27th.

Patch Notes

9 April 18—Removed a YouTube video, as well as April 12 – 14, Existentialism & Neurodiversity. Added April 12 – 14, Special Interests are Autistic Superpowers. In addition, removed April 11, Special Interest in the Singularity and added Opinions.

13 April 18—Switched April 12-14 & 15-17; changed April 22-24.

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