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Autistic Meltdowns vs. Shutdowns

Meltdowns. Shutdowns. Two dreaded words that you never want to hear if you have an autistic loved one. And if you are autistic, these are the two most dreadful experiences you probably face… Living inside a meltdown or shutdown is always, always, always harder than witnessing a meltdown or shutdown. I’m going to touch on this subject in 600…

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IBS & Cinnamon

My stomach hurts, at one point or another, every day. View this post on Instagram Neon ink sketch of my stomach problems. . . . #autismawareness #autism #inkart #digestion #irritablebowelsyndrome #doodlesofinstagram #sickandtiredofbeingsickandtired A post shared by Kourtnie McKenzie (@kourtnienet) on Apr 9, 2018 at 12:08pm PDT Sometimes it sets up additional challenges for me. For…

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Everything is Better with Pets

I feel like the more I blog, the more my blogs bleed together. They bleed into my creative writing, too; for example, the science fiction screenplay I’m writing for the NYC screenwriting challenge is a political commentary on “curing” autism spectrum and other fringe identities. View this post on Instagram 🔊 Sound on! 🔊 Today…

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