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Autistic Sulcal Pits, Biological Psychology, Neoproterozoic Fossils, & Squid Axons

Now that I’m re-uniting with my early 20s special interest in brains, my research feels (humorously) scatterbrain. Despite this messiness, I encountered several ideas that I wanted to crystallize for later use. So even though I’m not quite sure how to interconnect everything yet, (evident in this blog post’s title,) I’ll do my best to…

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Love Water, Not Underwater

I write poetry sometimes at one of my other blogs, Reminiscencings. For my current reminisce project, I’m shedding the identities or masks I’ve accumulated over thirty years of pretending I’m a neurotypical (i.e., non-autistic) person; and the way I do this is by breaking apart words from Merriam-Webster—considering where I learned meanings, feelings, and ideas—then…

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Turn a Bath Bomb into Movement

Bath bombs are an experience. While you can run a bath, drop a fizzy sphere into it, and call it a day, I like to turn my bath bombs into rituals by adding different layers of sensory stimulation—similar to the multi-sensory candlelight experiences I explored yesterday. The exception to this is when I’m trying to…

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Candles, Fire, and Aromatherapy

I both love and fear fire. You could say fire is my favorite example of the complications of our emotional brains; fire embodies our potential for creation and destruction. Fire is the rebirth of the phoenix, the stove in the kitchen, and the glory hole in my graduate glassblowing class. I’ll be exploring more about…

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Scented Soap for Sensory Sensitivity

I just love a freshly scented bath with a nicely textured soap. 🤗 Textures are a huge deal for many autistic people; touch can make or break an autistic person’s vulnerability to meltdowns, shutdowns, anxieties, and other “bad day” stuff. For instance, I used to wear sweatpants in elementary school (despite bullying) because jeans stripped me of all…

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10 Sensory Play Gifts for Autism

Author’s Note: I’m not a sponsor or marketer for Lightahead, although I make a small profit if you purchase items advertised on this site, since I’m registered with the Amazon Affiliate program. The reason I’m choosing mostly Lightahead products (when I can link to virtually any Amazon product) is because I sincerely appreciate their store;…

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