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The Blog as a Garden

I’m about to get a little meta—reflecting on where I’m at with Cleo’s Autism Awareness—with the intent to repeat this process semi-annually. Reflections are an integral part of my writing process, same as the lists I used to illustrate first-drafting a couple weeks ago. By setting two meta-guideposts a year, I can assess where this…

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Masking & Internalized Ableism

This post is a long one. Before going further: Trigger Warning: The following blog post explores suicide, depression, anxiety, trauma, sexual abuse, bullying, and ableism in an attempt to dispel fog around these stigmatized issues. Proceed with care. I’ve written about masking before, but as a refresher—masking is when an autistic person pretends to be…

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Autistic Sulcal Pits, Biological Psychology, Neoproterozoic Fossils, & Squid Axons

Now that I’m re-uniting with my early 20s special interest in brains, my research feels (humorously) scatterbrain. Despite this messiness, I encountered several ideas that I wanted to crystallize for later use. So even though I’m not quite sure how to interconnect everything yet, (evident in this blog post’s title,) I’ll do my best to…

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I Mask with Declarative Memory

I have a rad memory. As a child, I used to play card games that relied on memory. I also appreciated RPGs that immersed me into enormous fantasy worlds, facts and characters and events, because that meant I could stretch my memory’s arms by learning it all. But I didn’t like public school. It was a…

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This is How I Spiral Up

This may or may not work for you. But I want to believe I can help you. I want to share what worked for me, hoping it’ll help you. This video is an excellent example of how co-morbid disorders work. Stroke patients become prone to sleeping disorders. Then sleeping disorders make them prone to depression.…

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The Reason I Spin

Omnisciently speaking, omnipotently speaking, as I exit from this omnibus, I gotta tell you—everything feels like a spiral—like a connection from this, then to that, thus to this again, echoing all the way back to the Big Bang. Like I’m spiraling from my anxiety into a knotted ball, or else like I’m knotting with so many…

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