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Masking & Internalized Ableism

This post is a long one. Before going further: Trigger Warning: The following blog post explores suicide, depression, anxiety, trauma, sexual abuse, bullying, and ableism in an attempt to dispel fog around these stigmatized issues. Proceed with care. I’ve written about masking before, but as a refresher—masking is when an autistic person pretends to be…

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“You’re autistic, but…”

For November 2018, I’m exploring different things people have said to me, then the internal thoughts those remarks stirred. “Yes, you’re autistic…” “…but you’re so high function.” “…but my rheumatoid arthritis is worse.” “…but it’s only barely, right?” Okay. So what is “only barely” autistic? What is “high function,” in your mind? Am I the…

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This is How I Spiral Up

This may or may not work for you. But I want to believe I can help you. I want to share what worked for me, hoping it’ll help you. This video is an excellent example of how co-morbid disorders work. Stroke patients become prone to sleeping disorders. Then sleeping disorders make them prone to depression.…

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Co-morbid Disorders

Originally titled, “I Hid in a Closet: Part Two” For decades, my mom’s asked me, “What are you going to write about me?” and while I used to answer, “Nothing,” this doesn’t seem like the right response. These stories are my stories, and my point of view was hardly heard as a child, for starters, because I…

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Sensory Sensitivity

Originally titled, “I Hid in a Closet: Part One” Need some music before you start reading? Lately I’ve fallen down the rabbit holes of binaural beats, and since autistic people love to share their eccentric likes and dislikes—or this autistic woman loves to share, anyway 😉—so here you are: Story Time 😱 How I Hid in…

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