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I Mask with Declarative Memory

I have a rad memory. As a child, I used to play card games that relied on memory. I also appreciated RPGs that immersed me into enormous fantasy worlds, facts and characters and events, because that meant I could stretch my memory’s arms by learning it all. But I didn’t like public school. It was a…

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Colors in Flowers and Numbers

Says Everyone: “But don’t all girls like flowers?” Says No One: “She might have a weird interest in this flower thing…” 🤓 Today’s Aspergirl Video Being a woman going to a doctor to find out if she might be autistic is somewhat like going to a proctologist for a pap smear; it’s just not gonna happen. 🤔…

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Listen to Adult Autistic People

Originally titled, “Daily Posts Start Tomorrow” Since April is Autism Awareness Month, I’d like to tell you a few stories from the perspective of a thirty-two-year-old autistic woman, an adult Aspergirl. So starting tomorrow, I’ll update this blog daily with personal anecdotes, hoping to paint my world with words. Once this challenge ends in April…

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