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“You’re not autistic.”

For November 2018, I’m writing daily posts where I explore different things people have said to me, then the internal thoughts those remarks stirred. Why does it matter to you whether or not I’m autistic? What do you gain by denying me my identity? Because you wouldn’t say something so blindingly inaccurate without an agenda.…

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Autistic Meltdowns vs. Shutdowns

Meltdowns. Shutdowns. Two dreaded words that you never want to hear if you have an autistic loved one. And if you are autistic, these are the two most dreadful experiences you probably face… Living inside a meltdown or shutdown is always, always, always harder than witnessing a meltdown or shutdown. I’m going to touch on this subject in 600…

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Valuable Insides

“Which parts of myself are an act and which parts of me have been hidden? What do I have that’s valuable inside myself that can’t be expressed because I’m constantly and automatically camouflaging my autistic traits?” —Igelström Read more.

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Are Autistic People Socially Awkward or Creative?

Over at Behavioral Scientist, they’re challenging audiences to rethink autism’s social awkwardness as, instead, what they’re terming “social creativity”: Instead of viewing people with ASD as “socially awkward” individuals who need to be “fixed,” we should instead conceptualize them as socially creative. They may not do things the “right” way, but they do them their…

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