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Valuable Insides

“Which parts of myself are an act and which parts of me have been hidden? What do I have that’s valuable inside myself that can’t be expressed because I’m constantly and automatically camouflaging my autistic traits?” —Igelström Read more. Advertisements

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This is How I Spiral Up

This may or may not work for you. But I want to believe I can help you. I want to share what worked for me, hoping it’ll help you. This video is an excellent example of how co-morbid disorders work. Stroke patients become prone to sleeping disorders. Then sleeping disorders make them prone to depression.…

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Everything is Better with Pets

I feel like the more I blog, the more my blogs bleed together. They bleed into my creative writing, too; for example, the science fiction screenplay I’m writing for the NYC screenwriting challenge is a political commentary on “curing” autism spectrum and other fringe identities. View this post on Instagram 🔊 Sound on! 🔊 Today…

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A Real Story about Virtual Reality

Last blog post, I talked about the emergence of the Internet as a social and relationship-building tool for people with autism in the 1990s, 2000s, and 2010s, highlighting that all my extended romantic relationships started online. By the end of the post, I concluded that online spaces actually felt socially (and emotionally) safer than real life spaces,…

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