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Writing My Voice ⌨ Part II

My mom read to me, all the time. Midday, before bed; whenever I’d decide to toddler-strut around the apartment, holding a book high in the air, my white flag of surrender. Mother & Daughter Escape Into Fruit When my mom read, I felt a mutual peace offering between us, two humans escaping to somewhere much…

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Originally titled, “Self-Soothing Poetry” I wrote poems for my mom. April 4th is her birthday. I wanted to illustrate some of the more endearing self-soothing behaviors we share in my family, stimming (self-stimulatory behavior) that I have in common with other people in my family who I love. Let’s Learn About Autism What is Stimming?…

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Originally titled, “I Hid in a Closet: Part Three” Before I finish the third part of my story of how “I Hid in a Closet,” I wanted to talk about my favorite elementary school activity: Show and Tell, a.k.a. structured social time. 😉 On most of my blog posts, I provide YouTube videos I found…

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Co-morbid Disorders

Originally titled, “I Hid in a Closet: Part Two” For decades, my mom’s asked me, “What are you going to write about me?” and while I used to answer, “Nothing,” this doesn’t seem like the right response. These stories are my stories, and my point of view was hardly heard as a child, for starters, because I…

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Autistic Daughter

Originally titled, “Autistic Daughter; Anxious Mother” I’ve struggled with family issues my whole life. Since autism is genetic, it’s of course common for several family members to land on the autism spectrum. Yet mental health, developmental disorders—hell, even doctors—are (not were) (are) (yes, even in 2018) stigmatized in my family, so as far as anyone…

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