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Writing My Voice ⌨ Part III

Writing is existential. Sometimes, it feels like when I’m writing, my two hemispheres are at last able to have an intimate discussion with one another. This experience helps get me out of Freeze Loop, this concept I’ve been researching more… Jill Bolte Taylor also talks about her experiences with her hemispheres in her TED Talk, “My Stroke…

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Originally titled, “Self-Soothing Poetry” I wrote poems for my mom. April 4th is her birthday. I wanted to illustrate some of the more endearing self-soothing behaviors we share in my family, stimming (self-stimulatory behavior) that I have in common with other people in my family who I love. Let’s Learn About Autism What is Stimming?…

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June is Aromatherapy Awareness Week

Event: Aromatherapy Awareness Week Time: June 11th – 16th, 2018 Project: Aromatherapy Mixes In the month of June, I’m sticking my nose into a 💕new project:💕 a poetry collection based primarily on the sense of smell, which I’m calling “olfactory poetry,” like an aromatic extension of “visual poetry.” This project will be made in recognition of Aromatherapy Awareness Week,…

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