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Love Water, Not Underwater

I write poetry sometimes at one of my other blogs, Reminiscencings. For my current reminisce project, I’m shedding the identities or masks I’ve accumulated over thirty years of pretending I’m a neurotypical (i.e., non-autistic) person; and the way I do this is by breaking apart words from Merriam-Webster—considering where I learned meanings, feelings, and ideas—then…

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Technological Singularity

Yesterday, I talked about my first (and ongoing) riddle, the search for reality. The day before, I approached the word “artificial” by taking a look at its root word, “art.” Now I want to explore my special interest in the technological singularity for a third and final time, (at least for this April post-a-day challenge,)…

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The Search for Truth

Last time, I introduced one of my deeper special interests, artificial intelligence, by looking at it from the angle of vocabulary and the prefix, art. Now I’d like to approach the technological singularity in a different way: by questioning the nature of reality. I swear these special interests tie together in a few posts. We’re going…

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