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For the Love of Lists

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about my interest in autistic writers—and that isn’t the first time I’ve tooted the “I’m a writer” horn, either—yet I haven’t shared my writing process on this blog. So this week, I thought it might be fun to write about how I write. Then you can see if this…

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Technological Singularity

Yesterday, I talked about my first (and ongoing) riddle, the search for reality. The day before, I approached the word “artificial” by taking a look at its root word, “art.” Now I want to explore my special interest in the technological singularity for a third and final time, (at least for this April post-a-day challenge,)…

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Writing My Voice ⌨ Part III

Writing is existential. Sometimes, it feels like when I’m writing, my two hemispheres are at last able to have an intimate discussion with one another. This experience helps get me out of Freeze Loop, this concept I’ve been researching more… Jill Bolte Taylor also talks about her experiences with her hemispheres in her TED Talk, “My Stroke…

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Writing My Voice ⌨ Part II

My mom read to me, all the time. Midday, before bed; whenever I’d decide to toddler-strut around the apartment, holding a book high in the air, my white flag of surrender. Mother & Daughter Escape Into Fruit When my mom read, I felt a mutual peace offering between us, two humans escaping to somewhere much…

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Writing My Voice ⌨ Part I

I’m 🤗so glad🤗 I spent the last three days exploring how “I Hid in a Closet,” followed by my poetry mini-collection, “Soothe.” As much as I felt myself emotionally distancing in a few patches of those blog posts—and if there’s anything I’ve learned from writing every day of my life, distancing is a tell-tale sign…

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